Emergency Response

HOSS is the industry’s leading provider of Offshore Support Services for the Renewables’ Sector; with a vast array of experience for offshore tower support across the UK. These professional, stand alone teams are qualified and equipped to carry out a number of installation, repair and maintenance works. In addition; the team have been recognised by the Renewable Energy Awards for “Skill Development” of the bespoke training of the Emergency Response Teams.

“The team provided by Merseyside based Hughes Sub-Surface Engineering Limited, is believed to be the most highly skilled ever to operate on an offshore renewables project and includes experienced offshore medical technicians.” – RWE April 2013

Emergency Response / Medical Support

In addition to an Offshore Support Service incorporating all of the above, the multi-disciplined team are trained to provide advanced medical care and rescue response within the field. As larger Round 2 and Round 3 Offshore projects are approved, it goes beyond the remit of the

  • Identify Life-Threatening Injuries and provide First-Aid
  • Perform Key Interventions
  • Achieve Rapid Extrication
  • Timely Transfer to the appropriate medical facility
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