Asset and Scour Protection

Hughes Subsea Services Ltd. have extensive experience with the installation of concrete link-lok mattresses for Cable Protection. Concrete Mattress Installation is an efficient option for protection services, and can be installed through utilising one of the following options:

  • Diver Installation
  • W-ROV Installation
  • Subsea Multi-Tool ROV system (SMTROV)

Diver Installation

The first option for Mattress installation involves the deployment of highly trained divers to assist with each mattress lay. Health and Safety is at the forefront of every operational procedure, and as such, diver tracking and mattress visibility are key factors for a successful installation procedure. Hughes Subsea have undertaken multiple diver installation campaigns, and all have been deemed completely incident free.

W-ROV Installation

Mattress installation can also be used with a W-ROV in place of a diver. Preference for the W-ROV over the diver option is dependent on site information, depth etc.

SMTROV Installation

The SMT-ROV (Subsea Multi-Tool Remotely Operated Vehicle which can be seen pictured, has several advantages:

  • High tidal operational range
  • Quick and easy operation with the ability to deploy +4 mattreses an hour
  • Shallow water operation possible from DP
  • Divers are not required during the installation process

The SMTROV is a Hughes Subsea designed tool, and as such is only available to Hughes Subsea’s clients at this stage. For more information on the SMTROV system please contact Ian Hughes.

We also specialise in the installation of pre-fabricated concrete structures for crossovers and the installation of  scour protection mattresses (Frond Mats).Frond Mats can be used to great effect both inshore and offshore in the installation of cables, and also to stabilise scour on the sea bed and inshore for riverbank erosion.Hughes Subsea has also devised techniques that allow rapid installation of concrete mattresses along cable routes and crossovers.