Telecomms and Power Cables

As a subsea construction and installation provider, Hughes Subsea specialises in the following activities and services linked to the installation and trenching of power and telecommunications cables:

  • Beach Landings and Pull-ins
  • Pre and Post Installation diver survey
  • Installation of Articulated Pipe
  • Cable Route Planning/Survey
  • Pre Lay Grapnel Run PLGR
  • Pull-ins through HDD
  • Cable protection and/or burial
  • Crossing preparation and installation
  • BMH & Jointing Works
  • Jetting to 2 metres depth
HV Cable Installation Tower Teams

  • Cable Transistion Piece pull-ins Riggers
  • Installation of Hang Off Clamps
  • 1st & 2nd End Cable pull in Teams
  • OSS or OSP Cable Pull in Teams

The installation and protection of cables in shallow water environments is a challenge which requires innovative solutions. Hughes Subsea, with our Strategic Partner Companies, posses a wealth of experience in the field of shallow water cable installation.  Our joint background in cable laying and construction in the Telecommunication and Renewable Energy sectors allows us to offer a specialised service as Consultants/Marine Advisors as well as contractors including the provision of specialist vessels & plant.