Unexploded Ordnance Services (UXO)

Hughes Subsea are dedicated in the provision of unrivalled management of Unexploded Ordinace (UXO) detection, identification, clearance and removal. Through strategic partnerships, Hughes Subsea can offer a full turnkey solution for our Clients.With a proven record for Diving and ROV services, Hughes Subsea specialist teams investigate and map all identified anomalies with a robust Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) process in place for any confirmed UXO targets, once a target is identified a safe and precise method of disposal is initiated.

Operational Phases

  • Geographical survey for identification of potential and confirmed non-UXO targets
  • Investigation of all potential UXO targets, including de-burial activities where required
  • Formal identification of confirmed or non-UXO targets
  • Disposal / Relocation / Removal of confirmed or non-UXO targets in line with Client and site requirements, including debris removal
  • Final Reporting
WROV Identification and disposal